Medical Devices

MAFT-GUN – an excellent invention by Dr Lin Tsai Ming

  • A real necessity for Microfat Autologous Fat Transplantation/ Fat Transfer (MAFT technique) –  A strong recommendation to all fat grafting surgeons from the very beginner to skilled and renowned KOLs.
  • Very very even and consistent micro-drops of microfat and nanofat
  • Available for up to 1/240 micro-drops of 1 ml homogenized fat or microfat
  • least possibility of any small sizes of cysts or calcifications
  • Excellent fat graft rates for facial micro fat grafting and Breast fat grafting- No more competition in facial and breast augmentation in combined application of Adinized MicroFat

(* Adinizing is a trade and brand name of BSL for adipose-tissue micronizing, homogenizing ang sizing.)